Asterble is an asteroids clone, more or less, with a bubble-y theme. I started developing this game in high school and since then it has been a popular place for me to experiment with new programming methods and ideas. It’s been through several iterations and I completed version 6 of the game in February 2013 for the One Game a Month challenge. This version included all sorts of new things that I’ve never put in my games before, like level scripting (albeit simple), an in-game console, and component-based entity architecture.

I also made most of the music and sound effects for the game in version 5 of the game, except for a sound file from Freesound and sounds generated by sfxr, a great tool made by Tomas Pettersson. In version 6 I did the same thing, but shortly before releasing the game I replaced my music with some made by a friend, Jim Nguyen. If you want to hear more of his music, his SoundCloud page is here.

Another game I made, Ourbs, uses much of the same code and programming techniques that version 5 of Asterble used, especially in the sense of rendering.

This game was written initially written in Java using the LWJGL and Slick2D libraries in version 5, but was later rewritten using libGDX instead of Slick2D in version 6.

Probably coolest programming-wise, but the worst exercise in gameplay.

Language: Java

Engine: libGDX

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